BCAA Plus Series
Bodybuilding Amino Acids

Product size: 285 Grams

Product brand: Betancourt Nutrition

UPC registration: 857487004843

Description - BCAA Plus Series Bodybuilding Amino Acids

BCAA+ Plus Series BCAAs 4:1:1 Ratio Featuring Active TR Delayed Release Leucine 4,000 mg of Leucine Per Serving Highly Water Soluble BCAAs* Features Sustamine Active TR Leucine Delivers the most anabolic essential amino acid to the body over time to prolong the signaling of protein synthesis.* Instantized BCAAs This is for anyone that is tired of a shaker cup full of foarm every time they mix their BCAAs. Contained within the bothersome foam is the majority of your Leucine, the most important of the BCAAs for anabolic signaling. If you don't consume the foam, you're simply wasting your hard earned money. What good is a high Leucine BCAA product if you do not consume adequate quantities of Leucine?"