BCAA 6000
Bodybuilding Amino Acids

Product size: 180 Tablets

Product brand: Gaspari Nutrition

UPC registration: 646511007000

Description - BCAA 6000 Bodybuilding Amino Acids

BCAA 6000 Branched Chain Amino Acid Tablets 4g Leucine 1g Isoleucine 1g Valine Helps Post Exercise Muscle Recovery* Promotes Protein Synthesis in Lean Muscle* Helps Decrease Muscle Soreness After Exercise* Helps to Optimize Aerobic & Anaerobic Sports Performance* With Meals / Pre / During / Post / Between Meals 30 Servings The Ultimate Branch Chain Amino Acid Tablets BCAA 6000 from Gaspari Nutrition uses a leucine heavy, 4:1:1 ratio of 100% pure branched chain amino acids in a formula that provides clinically validated and effective quantities of these critical nutrients in every dose. The addition of advanced, highly bio-available form of Vitamin B-6 to the BCAA 6000 complex will also help to enhance your energy levels and endurance helping to further maximize your training while simultaneously enhancing recovery.*"