Tribuplex 750
Bodybuilding Tribulus

Product size: 60 Capsules

Product brand: MRM

UPC registration: 609492710116

Description - Tribuplex 750 Bodybuilding Tribulus

TribuPlex 750 Supports Healthy Testosterone Levels* Supports Muscle Mass, Strength & Libido* Supports Healthy Hormone Levels* May Increase Libido and Help Build Muscle* Adaptogens May Support Energy and Endurance* TribuPlex® 750 is a potent steroidal saponin and adaptogen complex. This complex is built upon a combination of Tribulus alatus (standardized to 54% steroidal saponins) and Tribulus terrestris (with an unheard of 60% steroidal saponins). Clinical studies have shown these steroidal saponins are building blocks that evoke dramatic effects upon anabolic hormone production without the use of anabolic steroids.* This formula is further complemented by a synergistic, blend of concentrated extracts of Diosgenin and Trigonella foenum. Clinical research supports that plant derived steroidal saponins may support healthy human hormone levels.* Certified Vegan."