Adenoflex Post-Workout
Bodybuilding Post-Workout Formulas

Product size: 390 Grams

Product brand: GAT Sport

UPC registration: 816170022014

Description - Adenoflex Post-Workout Bodybuilding Post-Workout Formulas

Adenoflex Post-Workout Scientifically Advanced Post Training With Agmatine Sulfate Hematogenic & Mass Enhancing Powder* Stimulates Blood Flow for Increased Muscle Mass* Potent Muscle, Blood & Plasma Expander* Muscle Volumination & Fullness — Strength — Power — Recovery* Specialized Post Workout Formulation Creapure® Creatine Monohydrate 5g For Development of Muscle Energy, Size and Strength.* Agmatine 500 mg To Support Post-Training Muscle Volumization and Fullness (Pumps).* Betaine 1.25g Helps Increase Protein Synthesis In Stimulated Muscle Tissue Resulting In Muscle Growth.* Nordic Cherry® Tart Cherry Extract 300 mg To Fight Against Inflammation, Muscle & Joint Soreness.* Adenoflex helps your muscles remain pumped after workouts and is designed to promote greater exercise induced lean mass and strength gains.* It's heavily dosed with active ingredients that will help encourage bigger, longer-lasting post-training pumps.* This is achieved by supporting expansion, a.k.a. volumization, at the blood, plasma and muscle levels. Importantly, Adenoflex will help provide fast results that will increase through repeated product use.* Ideal for hard-training serious, muscle building athletes, especially those who want to take their training to the next level. Supports the expansion, or volumization of red blood cells, plasma and muscle.*"