Bodybuilding Amino Acids

Product size: 400 Grams

Product brand: Metabolic Nutrition

UPC registration: 764779698874

Description - T.A.G. Bodybuilding Amino Acids

T.A.G. Trans Alanyl Glutamine Physician Formulated Targeted Muscle Recovery Superior to Free Form L-Glutamine Dramatically Increases Muscle Repair* Inhibits Muscle Fatigue and Soreness* Prevents Muscle Loss During Exercise* Improves Immune System and Overall Health* T.A.G. is ideal for any customer who demands superior quality, uncompromising results, and is looking to improve overall health, increases muscle repair, and maximize physical enhancement. guaranteed! Dedicated to manufacturing high quality nutritional supplements backed by scientific research and formulated by a medical doctor. Metabolic Nutrition was the first to introduce Trans-Alanyl-Glutamine Di-peptide to the marketplace. Acclaimed by physicians, athletes and consumers alike, T.A.G. has the distinction of being the only Muscle Targeted Glutamine supplement in the market today! Due to its unique di-peptide designed chemical structure, T.A.G. is strong enough to be mixed in water or other beverages without any degradation which affects other glutamine products. Unlike Free-form L-Glutamine (which is mostly utilized in the intestines leaving as little as 10% for muscle tissue). T.A.G. is far superior as it is 100% assimilated into the bloodstream, directly transported and infused deep into muscle tissue. Engineered for muscle repair, T.A.G. prevents the loss of muscle glutamine during exercise, preventing protein catabolism (i.e. muscle loss). therefore aiding in the maintenance and building of muscle intra and post workout. In addition to increasing recovery during and following exercise, T.A.G. also provides a complete recovery solution supporting the body's immune system, preventing muscle catabolism, increasing protein synthesis and growth hormone release; making it a critical supplement in any athlete's workout."