Bodybuilding Testosterone

Product size: 60 Capsules

Product brand: Nutrex Research

UPC registration: 857839006273

Description - TESTED Bodybuilding Testosterone

TESTED™ Clinical Edge Series With LJ100 Clincally Dosed* Helps Achieve Higher Free Testosterone Levels in Men* Total Testosterone Support* Muscle & Strength* Increases Physical & Mental Energy* Increases Vitality* Encourages a Favorable Anabolic to Catabolic Environment* Enhances Libido* Amplifies Libido & Sexual Function* Liquid Capsules TESTED™ is a clinically dosed free testosterone and libido supporting formula. Testosterone functions as a highly anabolic hormone in the body. TESTED has patented LJ100® that has shown to increase and support free testosterone. If building muscle, boosting energy and supporting strong sexual health is your desire, TESTED will deliver beyond any natural expectation.*"