Protein Blend
Diet Low Carb

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Product brand: Lindberg

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Description - Protein Blend Diet Low Carb

Protein Blend Sustained Release 4-Protein Blend Protein From Whey, Milk, and Egg White No rBGH/rBST** 25g Protein 3g Carb 1.5g Fat 130 Calories 5.3g of BCAAs 4.7g of Glutamine and Precursors 340 mg of Calcium Helps Build and Maintain Muscle* Helps Prevent Muscle Breakdown* Promotes Satiety — A Sense of Fullness* Gluten & Soy Free No Artificial Sweeteners Natural Flavors Sweetened With Stevia Instant Mixing Sustained-Release 4-Protein Blend Helps Build Muscle and Reduce Muscle Breakdown* Protein Blend is a precise blend of four proteins designed to help you build and maintain muscle, reduce muscle breakdown and promote satiety. Each protein is digested and absorbed at a different rate, creating a sustained-release effect that keeps you satisfied for hours.* From non-rBGH/rBST treated cows** All our whey and milk proteins are from cows not given rBGH/rBST (artificial growth hormone).** Whey Protein — Fast Release About 60% of our protein ingredients are from two types of whey protein. First, we include whey protein isolate (fat-free, lactose-free) which is fast digesting and quickly absorbed by the body. The second type of whey is fast-digesting whey protein concentrate. These two whey proteins provide naturally-occurring branched-chain amino acids and essential amino acids, which help you build and maintain muscle.* Whey protein is one of the highest Biological Value proteins available. That means more protein is absorbed and retained by your body.* Our whey protein undergoes an ultrafiltration process that removes most of the carbs and fat, yet retains its valuable whey protein fractions such as lactalbumin and immunoglobulin that may help support the immune system.* Egg White — Medium Release Egg white is one of the highest quality proteins available. It has an excellent amino acid profile and is a medium-release protein. Because it comes from the egg white, not the egg yolk, it's cholesterol free.* Milk Protein Isolate — Slow Release Milk protein isolate is a medium- to slow-release protein that naturally consists of a blend of about 20% whey protein and 80% casein protein. The naturally-occurring native casein portion forms micelles that digest slowly, creating a sustained flow of amino acids to your body.* This helps slow the body's natural process of breaking down muscle for fuel when you haven't eaten in several hours. It may also help satisfy your hunger cravings to prevent overeating.* Natural Flavors No Artificial Sweeteners It's perfect for those who wish to avoid artificial sweeteners, flavors and synthetic colors. Enjoy its low-medium sweetness level from stevia leaf extract. Soy Free — Instantized It's mildly instantized with a small amount of non-GMO sunflower lecithin, not soy. No Artificial Sweeteners No Artificial Flavors No Synthetic Colors No Preservatives Soy Free, Gluten Free 99.7% Lactose Free (0.8g typical) Make yourself a delicious shake with Lindberg® Protein Blend!"