Soy Protein Isolate Triple Isoflavones
Diet Low Carb

Product size: 1 Pound

Product brand: Fitness Labs

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Description - Soy Protein Isolate Triple Isoflavones Diet Low Carb

Soy Protein Isolate — Triple Isoflavone No Artificial Flavors or Sweeteners 40 mg Isoflavones 13g Protein 0.5g Carbs 0.5g Fat 60 Calories Non-GE Dairy Free Cholesterol Free Vegetarian 40 mg Isoflavones / Isoflavones and soy protein may play an important role in: Heart Health* Bone Health* Menopause Transition* High-isoflavone soy protein with heart and bone benefits* Soy Protein Isolate — Triple Isoflavone provides a convenient way to add the benefits of isoflavone-rich soy protein to your diet. Guaranteed triple the isoflavones of regular soy. The soy blend combines Supro® brand soy protein isolate with SoyLife® soy germ isoflavones. The germ portion of soy, normally stripped away when making soy protein, is added back in after being highly concentrated. It provides a full spectrum of health-supporting nutrients in addition to its naturally high isoflavone content. The result is a soy protein with up to triple the isoflavones of our regular 100% Soy Protein Isolate. You get at least 3 mg of isoflavones per gram of protein (40 mg per serving). You only need one-third as much soy to get all the same isoflavone benefits. Bone health benefits from daidzein. Soy germ is particularly high in daidzein, which is the isoflavone linked specifically to bone health.* Menopause transition. Isoflavones plus other soy factors may be especially important for women transitioning through and after menopause.* Superior to plain soybeans. Regular soybeans contain trypsin inhibitors, which can interfere with protein digestion. Our soy is specially processed to eliminate the negative effects of trypsin inhibitors. We use non-GE soy. Our soy protein and soy germ are from non-GE (non-Genetically Engineered) soybeans. Unflavored and unsweetened. No artificial flavors, sweeteners or colors. Enjoy Soy Protein Isolate for a lean, healthy body!* Vegetarian, dairy free, cholesterol free No lactose, no egg, no gluten No aspartame or added sweeteners No flavors or colors 0g sugar, 0.5g carbs, 0g trans fat Scoop enclosed"