CranRx Bioactive Cranberry
Health Concerns Anti-Aging

Product size: 30 Capsules

Product brand: Nature's Way

UPC registration: 033674152898

Description - CranRx Bioactive Cranberry Health Concerns Anti-Aging

CranRx BioActive Cranberry Once Daily Urinary Tract Health* Researched Cranberry Fruit Concentrate 500 mg Potency Standardized PACs Potent 50:1 Concentrate Premium Cranberries -- Whole Fruit Superior Activity Non-GMO Backed by Research Contains cranberry fruit concentrate used in research 1 CranRx Capsule = 10 oz Cranberry Juice Cocktail (biological activity) Potent 50:1 Concentrate Each capsule derived from 25,000 mg of fresh cranberries Superior Activity Standardized to PACs (proanthocyanidins), the key bioactives in cranberries Premium Cranberries Including Early Black variety with higher naturally-occurring levels of PACs"