Diet Cleanse & Detox

Product size: 17 Fluid Ounces

Product brand: Udo's Choice / Flora

UPC registration: 061998680704

Description - Flor-Essence Diet Cleanse & Detox

Flor-Essence Premium Herbal Formulas Gentle Detox For the Whole Body* Made With Organic Burdock Root Sheep Sorrel & Slippery Elm Bark Made With 97% Organic Ingredients Authorized by Elaine Alexander Non-GMO Elaine Alexander, the late Canadian health researcher and radio producer / broadcaster, collaborated exclusively with Flora to produce Flor-Essence. This purification tea was entrusted to Elaine by Dr. Charles Brusch, M.D., personal physician to the late President John F. Kennedy. Dr. Brusch was a partner in research and co-owner with the famous Canadian nurse Rene Caisse in perfecting this formula at his Cambridge, Massachusetts clinic. Flor-Essence supports the whole body in its natural elimination process.* Flor-Essence is the only product on the market authorized to carry Elaine's signature on the packaging to vouch for its historical authenticity."