Health Concerns Sinus

Product size: 60 Tablets

Product brand: Boiron

UPC registration: 306969341049

Description - Sinusalia Health Concerns Sinus

Sinusalia Homeopathic Medicine Sinus Relief* Congestion & Pain* Sinus Pressure* Headache* Non-Drowsy No Drug Interactions Quick-Dissolving Tablets Works Naturally with Your Body Uses:* Temporarily relieves nasal congestion, sinus pain and headache due to the common cold or allergies. Active Ingredients:** •Belladonna 3C HPUS (contains less than 10-8 mg alkaloids per dose) - Relieves sinus pain with stuffy nose •Sanguinaria canadensis 3C HPUS - Relieves sinus pain with runny nose •Spigelia anthelmia 3C HPUS - Relieves sinus pain with postnasal drip"