Health Concerns Anti-Aging

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Product brand: MHP

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Description - Secretagogue-One Health Concerns Anti-Aging

Secretagogue-One Human Growth Factors and IGF-1 Precursors Improves Physical Performance* Speeds Recovery* Enhances Cardiac Output* Developed by leading research scientists and biochemists, Secretagogue-One addresses issues of vital importance for health, wellness and physical performance. Secretagogue-One is a proprietary blend of amino acids and precursor nutrients that enhance the body's natural production of Human Growth Factors and Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1). Increased Human Growth Factors and IGF-1 levels have been shown to improve physical performance, speed recovery from training, increase cardiac output and strengthen the immune system.* As a specialist in Hormonal Replacement Therapy (HRT) and Anti-Aging Medicine, I understand the importance of hormone regulation. MHP has taken the lastest breakthroughs in scientific research for the development of Secretagogue-One. This nutraceutical formula is designed to naturally optimize the body's production of key precursor hormones, for maximum performance and well being. Dr. Vincent C. Giampapa Founder, Longevity Institute International Hormonal Replacement Specialist"