Secretagogue Gold Clinical Strength
Health Concerns Anti-Aging

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Product brand: MHP

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Description - Secretagogue Gold Clinical Strength Health Concerns Anti-Aging

Secretagogoue Gold Clinical Strength Advanced Age Management System* Doctor Formulated GH Enhancer* Increase GH By Up to 321%* Convenient Stick Packs Recommended by Dr. Giampapa - The Institute For Anti-Aging Medicine A Scientific Breakthrough in Age Management* As we age, we typically experience many undesirable physical changes. These include alterations in the way our bodies metabolize and store fat, age-related loss of muscle tone, reduced energy levels, decreased sexual function, changes to the immune system and even changes in skin tone and tightness. In addition, with each passing year our production of growth hormone – also known as human growth hormone or HGH – also declines, which can also contribute to unwanted physiological changes. Fortunately, Clinical Strength Secretagogue-Gold® has been formulated to help improve natural growth hormone (GH) production, thereby supporting various physiologic functions to help slow the effects of aging and help restore youthful vigor and function. Clinical Strength Secretagogue-Gold® was formulated by Dr. Vincent Giampapa, a world-renowned authority on Anti-Aging and Natural Hormone Modulation, as a systemic approach to age management. It is one of the most effective, natural ways to improve the aging process. It draws on advances in anti-aging medicine and age management science, combined with new medical discoveries of the body’s own pre-programmed mechanisms to maintain itself in a young and healthy state. Utilizing a scientific blend of safe, clinically proven nutrients in perfect balance, Clinical Strength Secretagogue-Gold® augments natural growth hormone release by up to 321% by supporting the body’s natural physiological processes responsible for the production of HGH. It uses an advanced systemic approach, focusing on these key biomarkers of aging – stimulating the pituitary gland, inhibiting somatostatin, helping to control blood sugar levels and supporting good liver functions. Dr. Giampapa’s clinically researched systemic approach is now available to you in Clinical Strength Secretagogue-Gold®, so you can look better, feel better and achieve an improved overall quality of life. Formulated by World Renowned Age Management Expert - Dr. Vincent C. Giampapa, M.D. Dr. Vincent Giampapa is a world-renowned age management specialist. He has more than 25 years of clinical practice working with his patients and is a founding member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, and chairman of the Annual International Conference of Anti-Aging Medicine. He is also a recipient of the prestigious Science and Technology Award for the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine for his work in designing the computerized evaluation of biomarkers of aging. He was also nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize in the area of Stem Cell Research. He has formulated Clinical Strength Secretagogue Gold as the cornerstone of his age management nutrition protocol. Use Clinical Strength Secretagogue Gold as part of your anti-aging regimen to help rejuvenate your life.* Rejuvenate Your Life!"