Urinary Flush & Support with Cranberry
Diet Cleanse & Detox

Product size: 60 Capsules

Product brand: Nature's Secret

UPC registration: 710363255626

Description - Urinary Flush & Support with Cranberry Diet Cleanse & Detox

Urinary Flush & Support With Cranberry Healthy Bladder & Urinary Tract* 8 Botanical Concentrates for Targeted Support* Formulated to Flush & Soothe Your System* Urinary Flush & Support* Urinary Flush & Support is specially formulated to support a healthy bladder and urinary tract.* This enhanced product supplies 8 botanical concentrates that are traditionally used in urinary formulas.* This product features a highly-concentrated Cranberry powder that has been clinically studied to promote urinary tract health.* This patented ingredient captures the whole-food power of cranberry and supplies antioxidant compounds that help to fight free radicals.* This cranberry-based formula not only supports the urinary system, but offers an excellent alternative to cranberry juice products, which have significant amounts of refined sugars.* This product can be taken on a daily basis for health maintenance or as needed for targeted support.*"