Continence with Flowtrol
Health Concerns Bladder

Product size: 60 Capsules

Product brand: Solaray

UPC registration: 076280084269

Description - Continence with Flowtrol Health Concerns Bladder

Continence With Flowtrol Bladder Strength Formula* Butterbur Guaranteed Potency The One and Only! Continence is a revolutionary natural bladder strength formula that contains Butterbur, which has been used in Germany for many years. A supportive blend of herbs, Flowtrol, has been developed and researched by medical and nutritional researchers.* Ingredient Features: Butterbur is believed to relax smooth muscle tissue. The German Commission E Monograph lists Butterbur as an antispasmodic.* The Butterbur in this product is certified to contain no more than 5 ppm of pyrrolizidine alkaloids.* Lobelia is intended to enhance the effectiveness of the Butterbur.* The four Chinese herbs in this formula (Morinda Root Ext., Psoralea Fruit Ext., Raspberry Fruit Ext., and Alpinia Oxyphylla Ext.) have been used in traditional Chinese medicine to support bladder strength.* Clinical studies confirm that compounds in the Cranberry AF™ Extract create antiadherance factor on cells that line the tract, thus supporting bladder health.* Natural options for supporting normal bladder strength have been limited and inconvenient until now. Try Continence dietary supplement and plan today for your self-confidence and quality of life!* Vegetarian Capsules."