Vitamin Code - Grow Bone System
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Vitamin Code — Grow Bone System Clinicallly Studied Bone Growth Regimen* Raw Whole Food Plant Calcium Plus 680 mg Elemental Strontium Increase Bone Mineral Density* Grow Bone System Vitamin Code RAW Calcium and Growth Factor S, two comprehensive formulas clinically studied to work together to stimulate bone growth.* Vitamin Code RAW Calcium The First RAW Whole Food Plant Calcium Formula 1,600 IU Vitamin D3, Raw MK-7, Magnesium, Boron Free from Crushed Rock, Limestone, Chalk, or Animal Bones Vitamin Code Growth Factor S 680mg of Elemental Strontium -- A Critical Bone-Building Trace Mineral* Go beyond bone strength* with the clinically studied Vitamin Code Grow Bone System. Grow Bone -- Two-Part Clinically Studied System In a six month randomized, open label human clinical study, 176 healthy men and women aged 18 to 85 consumed the ingredients in the Vitamin Code Grow Bone System, along with a healthy eating plan and walking program, and experienced a significant increase in bone mineral density as evidenced by comparing their before and after DEXA scans.* The Grow Bone System is based upon the formula that was used in this clinical study. It is made up of two comprehensive, bone-building* formulas, Vitamin Code RAW Calcium and Growth Factor S. RAW Calcium is a unique, raw, vegetarian, whole food, plant calcium formula. Growth Factor S contains 680mg of strontium, a critical bone-building trace mineral.* By combining these two formulations, the ingredients in the Grow Bone System have been clinically studied and shown to stimulate bone growth.* **Regular exercise and a healthy diet with enough calcium and vitamin D helps you maintain good bone health and may reduce the risk of osteoporosis later in life. Vegetarian."