Bone Strength Take Care
Health Concerns Bone

Product size: 120 Tablets

Product brand: New Chapter

UPC registration: 727783004086

Description - Bone Strength Take Care Health Concerns Bone

Bone Strength Take Care™ Calcium Formula With Magnesium Slim Tabs Reduces the Risk of Osteoporosis † TargetCal™ With D3 and K2 Acts to Direct Calcium to Bones* Plant Sourced Whole-Food Calcium, Not Limestone Exclusive TargetCal Formulation Non-GMO Verified Formula Wild-Crafted from Iceland Slow & Steady Release Identity Assured Gluten Free 3-In-1 Bone, Joint & Heart Support Whole-Food Calcium Plant-sourced Calcium wild-crafted from Iceland's pristine coastline gives you whole-food, bone-strengthening Calcium.* Bone Support Clinical strength plant Calcium reduces the risk of osteoporosis†. Fermented Vitamin D3 helps the body absorb Calcium effectively to support bone density and normal bone creation.* Joint Support Our plant-sourced Calcium, Magnesium and 72 trace minerals have been shown to support movement, joint flexibility and joint function.* Heart Support Formulated with TargetCal, featuring Vitamin D3 to support cardiovascular health and Vitamin K2 that directs Calcium to bones where you need it, which helps maintain artery health.* Slow & Steady Release Delivered in an easy-to-swallow tiny tablet, our holistic Calcium formula offers a slow, steady release for the body's consistent nourishment.* The Whole-Food Difference Plant-sourced and porous, our Calcium is part of an intricate matrix of minerals in a natural honeycomb structure, versus the basic architecture of limestone calcium that lacks other bone-supportive nutrients. For holistic bone nourishment, our Calcium source also delivers Magnesium and 70+ other trace minerals, is one of the most clinically studied species of plant calcium and is identity assured as 100% Lithothamnion species. Wild-Crafted from Iceland Wild-crafting means gathered from Nature - no pesticides, no fertilizers. Our whole Red Marine Algae (Lithothamnion) plant is harvested sustainably from its natural habitat in pristine Icelandic waters. Young, living plants are left untouched, preserving the coastal ecosystem. Vegetarian."