Power Dophilus
Health Concerns Colon Health

Product size: 200 Capsules

Product brand: Country Life (Biochem)

UPC registration: 015794030577

Description - Power Dophilus Health Concerns Colon Health

Power Dophilus Dairy Free Probiotic 12 Billion CFUs Per Serving (at the time of manufacture) Supports Digestive Health* Helpts to Suport Microflora Balance* Country Life's Power-Dophilus provides a targeted blend of 12 Billion CFUs per serving (at the time of manufacture) of four probiotics to support digestive health.** Power-Dophilus is formulated to help support microflora balance in both the small and large intestine, providing a wide array of support.* Country Life's Power-Dophillus formula is protected by the unique MAKTrek delivery system. Vegan Capsules."