Hair Rejuvenation for Men
Health Concerns Hair Loss

Product size: 60 Tablets

Product brand: NuHair

UPC registration: 733530490002

Description - Hair Rejuvenation for Men Health Concerns Hair Loss

Hair Rejuvenation For Men The Natural Solution For Hair Rejuvenation Formulated to Address a Man's Needs* Nourish Hair Follicles From the Inside* Stimulate Hair Follicles to Help Thicken Healthy Hair* Drug Free / No Prescription Needed NuHair for Men is specifically formulated for men with natural ingredients men need to help nourish and stimulate the hair shaft. This combination of vitamins, minerals and herbs helps restore the appearance of healthier hair.* Folic Acid Aids in the production of red blood cells.* Iodine Boosts hair health and growth through its effects on thyroid function.* Zinc Promotes healthy hair and scalp. Helps with cell reproduction, hormonal balance, absorption of vitamins and protein synthesis.* Phytosterol Complex & Saw Palmetto Extract Powerful natural extracts that support healthy hormonal balance.* He Shou Wu (Fo-ti) Traditionally used to support hair regrowth and may help prevent thinning and graying hair.* Biotin B vitamin, traditionally used to promote thicker, fuller and healthy looking hair.* Pantothenic Acid (as D-Calcium Pantothenate) Vitamin B5 supports healthy hair.* Rejuvenation Begins At The Root"