Pure Whey Plus Protein Stack
Health Concerns Hair Loss

Product size: 4.8 Pounds

Product brand: Champion Performance

UPC registration: 027692113788

Description - Pure Whey Plus Protein Stack Health Concerns Hair Loss

Pure Whey Plus Protein Stack Pre-Workout — Post-Workout — Recovery 22g Protein Per Serving 3.8g Glutamine 4g BCAAs Promotes Muscle Growth* Maintains Lean Muscle* Micro-Filtered, Cold Processed Concentrated Whey Protein Whey Protein Isolate Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Mixes Instantly No Blender Needed Gluten Free The Pure Whey Plus Power Stack Cross-Flow, Micro-Filtered Concentrated Whey -- Micro-filtered, cold-processed whey protein packed with bioactive nutrients. Whey Protein Isolate -- Purified whey protein for fast absorption by your body. Hydrolyzed Whey Protein -- Ultra-filtered protein optimized to deliver BCAA's and other essential amino acids to help diminish catabolic muscle loss.* BCAA's -- Branched chain amino acids (BCAA's) are critical for building muscle and restoring muscle tissue exhausted during your high-intensity workouts.* Build & Maintain Lean Muscle It takes a combination of hard work, discipline and the right nutrition to achieve the ripped, strong, powerful body you want. To RISE ABOVE just average, you need the most effective science-based nutritional fuel from a source you can trust -- no matter what. This is where Champion Performance comes in. Pure Whey Plus 100% Whey Protein Stack delivers micro-filtered, cold processed concentrated whey protein, hydrolyzed whey & whey isolate, packed with Essential Amino Acids for building and maintaining lean muscle mass.* Fuel Your Body's Arsenal Before Workout -- Pure Whey Plus delivers micro-filtered, Concentrated Whey Protein -- bodybuilding protein packed with bioactive nutrients, Whey Protein Isolate & Hydrolyzed Whey for rapid protein absorption -- perfect for pushing out more reps, higher weights, and harder training sessions than ever before.* Post Workout -- Pure Whey Plus ultra-refined protein helps stop catabolic muscle breakdown by delivering essential branched chain amino acids (such as L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, and L-Valine) your muscles crave after heavy weight training, high-intensity cardio, or cross-fit workouts.* Taste Preferred 3-to-1 Pure Whey Plus is known for its delicious flavors and smooth, rich taste. It mixes instantly with a simple shaker. Pure Whey Plus -- preferred 3 to 1 over a leading brand. Pure Whey Plus isn't just for protein shakes: get creative and use it as pancake mix, add to yogurt, oatmeal or many other baked goods recipes! Perform Like A Champion Whatever goal you are striving to reach, Champion Performance can help you Rise Above. We have been building Champions for 30 years."