Liposomal Vitamin C 1,000 mg
Health Concerns Anti-Aging

Product size: 60 Capsules

Product brand: Dr. Mercola

UPC registration: 813006014991

Description - Liposomal Vitamin C 1,000 mg Health Concerns Anti-Aging

Liposomal Vitamin C Enhanced to Help Improve Absorption* Contains a Unique Form of Vitamin C Combined With Liposomal Technology for Enhanced Absorption and Higher Bioavailability When Compared to Standard Oral Vitamin C* Provides an Excellent Source of Antioxidant Vitamin C, to Support the Neutralization of Free Radicals* Promotes Heart Heatlh and Supports Healthy Eye and Immune Function* Liposomal Technology Uses Phospholipids Sourced From Sunflower Lecithin to Carry, Protect and Deliver Vitamin C Soy Free Gluten Free What Makes Licaps® Special: Features Licaps® Technology to Help Protect and Stabilize Active Ingredients Each Capsule Contains a Bubble of Nitrogen to Help Prevent Oxidation Licaps® are Bovine Free and Produced Without the Use of Plasticizers or Preservatives"