Power Pak 1,200 mg Vitamin C
Health Concerns Eyes

Product size: 30 Packets

Product brand: Trace Minerals

UPC registration: 878941002632

Description - Power Pak 1,200 mg Vitamin C Health Concerns Eyes

Power Pak 1,200 mg Vitamin C Electrolyte Replacement & Immune Support Drink* A Flavored, Effervescent 'Fizzing' Drink With Vitamins and Over 72 Electrolytes 1,200 mg Vitamin C B Vitamins Electrolytes Antioxidants Ionic Trace Minerals 1g Sugar Liquimins™ Non-GMO Gluten Free When Should I Take a Power Pak? Before, during and after your workout to help maintain healthy hydration levels and avoid muscle cramps* After a hot day in the sun Every day to maintain energy, vitality, and a healthy immune system* To avoid occasional sluggishness and fatigue* Why is Power Pak Better? Non-GMO formula, only 1g sugar, and 200 mg more vitamin C than the leading brand No caffeine, artificial flavors, or artificial stimulants* Essential electrolytes: sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, plus over 72 electrolytes from Ionic Trace Minerals Play Harder, Endure Longer! Certified Vegan."