Health Concerns Cardiovascular

Product size: 90 Capsules

Product brand: Fitness Labs

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Description - ProstaFit Health Concerns Cardiovascular

ProstaFit® Prostate Support Formula* Supports Normal Prostate Size & Urine Flow* Saw Palmetto Flowens® Cranberry Fruit Powder Beta-Sitosterol Nettle Green Tea Lycopene ProstaFit® helps maintain normal prostate function* Prostate Support Formula* ProstaFit® provides men with nutritional support to help them maintain normal prostate function, normal prostate size and normal urine flow.* Formulated by a Ph.D., ProstaFit® contains a full spectrum of ingredients used in clinical studies that showed positive results. They include saw palmetto extract, stinging nettle extract, beta-sitosterol and more. Also included is a patented cranberry powder, Flowens®, which has been clinically shown to support normal urine flow as measured by uroflowmetry. For long-term prostate health, we include catechins from green tea, plus lycopene, zinc and selenium.*"