Super Dieters Tea
Herbs Herbal Teas

Product size: 30 Bags

Product brand: Laci Le Beau Tea

UPC registration: 080987010179

Description - Super Dieters Tea Herbs Herbal Teas

Super Dieter's Tea Tea Bags Supports Weight Loss Efforts* Helps Eliminate Impurities* Naturally Caffeine Free No Artificial Ingredients It's Tea time Laci's Super Dieter's Tea blends nature's finest botanicals to create a tea with inspiring aromas and all natural ingredients. Laci Le Beau Lemon Mint Herbal Tea combines spearmint with tangy orange, lemon and sweet papaya, licorice root and chrysanthemum with a touch of honeysuckle. To complete this blend we have also added senna leaf which will help cleanse your body of impurities and support your weight loss efforts.* Your Diet is in the Bag"