Kelp, Vinegar, Lecithin, B-6
Herbs Kelp

Product size: 100 Capsules

Product brand: Lindberg

UPC registration: 719985912405

Description - Kelp, Vinegar, Lecithin, B-6 Herbs Kelp

Kelp Vinegar Lecithin B6 KVLB Supports Weight Loss and Metabolism* Double Verified Gluten Free Although healthy weight loss cannot be achieved by simply taking a pill, supplements can provide needed support for a weight-loss or weight management program. Our Kelp-Vinegar-Lecithin-B6 supplement, more commonly referred to as KVLB, assists the body when dieting. The nutrients in kelp support the thyroid. Vinegar is believed to support fat burning activity, while lecithin helps emulsify fat. Vitamin B6 naturally supports water balance, and is a vitamin often deficient while dieting. Vegetarian Capsules. Suitable For Vegans."