Fermented Chlorella
Supplements Chlorella

Product size: 450 Tablets

Product brand: Dr. Mercola

UPC registration: 813006015851

Description - Fermented Chlorella Supplements Chlorella

Fermented Chlorella Dietary Supplement Fermentation Process Weakens the Cell Wall, Providing a Highly Digestible Form of Chlorella for Optimal Nutrient Absorption* Provides a Highly Bioavailable Form of Chlorella, Sourced from Single-Cell, Fresh Water Micro-Algae Grown, Cultivated, and Processed in an Indoor, Controlled Enviroment Produced Without Synthetic Binders or Fillers Helps Maintain Healthy Blood Sugar Levels That are Already Within the Normal Range* Supports Normal Liver Function* Assists in the Maintenance of Healthy Blood Pressure Levels Already Within the Normal Range* Provides Support for the Immune System by Promoting a Healthy and Normal Immune Response* Soy Free, Gluten Free"