Eye Support with Lutein
Supplements Lutein

Product size: 30 Capsules

Product brand: Lindberg

UPC registration: 092865992200

Description - Eye Support with Lutein Supplements Lutein

Eye Support with Lutein Lutemax® 2020 Full-Spectrum Eye Health* Lutein — Zeaxanthin / Meso-Zeaxanthin Astaxanthin — Bilberry — Grape Seed Extract Eye Support with Lutein provides the carotenoids, that are found in the macula of the eye: lutein, zeaxanthin and meso-zeaxanthin (Lutemax®2020 brand).* They help by filtering out potentially damaging blue light.* Astaxanthin helps fight eye fatigue.* Bilberry and grape seed extract support the retina and visual acuity.* Vegetarian. Vegetarian Capsules."