CLA 1000
Supplements CLA

Product size: 90 Softgels

Product brand: Fitness Labs

UPC registration: 654186942267

Description - CLA 1000 Supplements CLA

CLA 1000™ Stimulant Free Helps Reduce Body Fat* Improve Muscle-to-Fat Ratio* CLA has a beneficial effect on body composition by promoting a favorable ratio of lean muscle to body fat. Lean muscle burns more calories than fat tissue, which in turn increases your metabolism. CLA is ideal for dieters, athletes and bodybuilders who want to create and maintain a fit, lean physique when combined with moderate calorie consumption and regular exercise.* Effective dosage levels range from 1,700 mg to over 3,200 mg of CLA per day. Each softgel has 1,000 mg of CLA complex from safflower oil which includes approximately 780-840 mg of CLA (78-84%)."