Smart Q10 100 mg Chewable
Supplements CoQ10

Product size: 30 Tablets

Product brand: Enzymatic Therapy

UPC registration: 763948061136

Description - Smart Q10 100 mg Chewable Supplements CoQ10

Smart Q10 CoQ10 100 mg Chewable Tablets Heart and Brain Health* Orange Creme Flavored Smart Q10 is shown to be absorbed in both your blood stream and cells.* That's critically important because your brain and heart cells work day and night and rely on CoQ10's energy support.* Experience The Power of Smart Q10 Smart Q10 features the trusted Vitaline brand CoQ10 in a delicious chewable form that delivers better, more complete absorption in both your bloodstream and cells.* CoQ10 for Heart & Brain Health* --Essential to mitochondria -- the energy-producing units in the cells of the body* --Supports healthy cellular energy* --Vital to optimum heart & brain health* Vegetarian."