Garlic High Allicin - Odor Free
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Product size: 60 Tablets

Product brand: Lindberg

UPC registration: 719985082313

Description - Garlic High Allicin - Odor Free Supplements Garlic

High Allicin Garlic Odor Free Cholesterol Support* Double Verified Gluten Free The health benefits of garlic have been known for thousands of years. Garlic contains the sulfuric acid alliin which, when activated by the enzyme alliinase, is converted to allicin. Allicin is the component that gives garlic its medicinal properties and pungent odor. This means the more allicin, the more effective the garlic. Our High Allicin Garlic formula contains at least 5 mg (equivalent to 5,000 mcg) of allicin. In addition to ensuring high levels of allicin, our manufacturing process uses a special all-natural coating in order to eliminate the traditional odor and reflux that can accompany potent garlic products.* Vegetarian Tablets. Suitable For Vegans."