VIVAXL 2,800 mg Arginine
Supplements DMAE

Product size: 20 Packets

Product brand: Nutraceutics

UPC registration: 602359081008

Description - VIVAXL 2,800 mg Arginine Supplements DMAE

Vivaxl 2,800 mg Arginine 20 Effervescent Sachets Taking Vivaxl may help you to: Jump-Start Your Day* Energize Your Mood* Energize and Sustain Your Workout* What is Vivaxl? Vivaxl is a mood and energy enhancing drink, ideal for both men and women.* Some people call it a happy cocktail.* Vivaxl is individually packaged in single serving sachets. It's as easy to take along as it is to take and remains fresh until you activate it in your glass!"