Health Concerns Immune

Product size: 267 Grams

Product brand: Nova Forme

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Description - CytoGreens Health Concerns Immune

CytoGreens Premium Green Superfood For Athletes Acai Berry Green Tea Flavor Pure, Natural and Green Goodness Potent High-ORAC Antioxidants* Improves Energy Levels* 100% Non-GMO Natural No Preservatives or Fillers 100% Natural Flavor 30 Servings Ultra-Concentrated Premium Green Superfood for Athletes CytoGREENS® represents a revolution in the way you deliver nutrients to your body. CytoGREENS is truly a GREEN formula. 80% of CytoGREENS is our nutrient-rich, exclusive Green Performance Matrix to help you achieve your optimal performance. CytoGREENS, a lecithin-free product with double the amount of green ingredients as leading greens supplements and is developed for highly active people who demand more from their bodies.* 21x The Detoxifying Chlorophyll As A Serving of Dark Leafy Greens* 100% Complete Bioavailable Plant-Based Protein* More Vitamin B12 Than An 8 oz Steak 100% Daily Intake Of Vitamin A How Does CytoGREENS® Enhance Performance and Recovery? CytoGREENS® increases muscle permeability and microcapilariazation. Simply stated, it increases the ability for the body to more lactic out of the muscle where it is recycled by the liver as more fuel in the form of glucose. This reduces soreness, increases muscle performance and maximizes cardio endurance.* Active Energy Regenerator™ AER™ is a 100% Natural Blend of 5 Key Botanical Extracts that help improve microcirculation and clear lactic acid levels resulting in improved performance. Increased Energy -- Greater Endurance* In creating CytoGREENS®, we focused on highly concentrated, truly green, nutrient-rich raw-sourced foods in amounts suitable for athletes who demand more from their bodies. Packed with High-ORAC Antioxidants; Fiber-Rich Omega 3 EFAs*, 8-Enzyme Cytozymes to maximize absorption; and a Best-of-Breed, Endurance and Stamina blend, with Cordycaps, Panax and Siberian Ginseng, Reishi and Astragalus.* High-Density, Chlorophyll-Rich Nutrients The math is simple, CytoGREENS® has as much as DOUBLE or more of the Dark Green chlorophyll-rich nutrients as top greens supplements, so what are you paying for with other products, celery & soy? Ingredient Amounts That Matter Many so called green supplements supply dozens and dozens of ingredients at dosages that are so small, it's a wonder they are there at all, 5 mg here, 10 mg there—truly minuscule amounts. Ultra-Potent ORAC Listed Antioxidants CytoGREENS® has 346 mg of Standardized, Free-Radical Neutralizing, High-ORAC Anti-Oxidants (1.4 g if you count our Matcha Green Tea)—look at most greens on the market, you won't find any ORAC rating, or even a standardization. 100% Lecithin-Free Lecithin is a common allergen and industrial emulsifier. Why pay for non-green, cheap filler Lecithin as the #1 Ingredient in leading greens supplements? CytoGREENS® has ZERO Lecithin! As much as 25% of top greens formulas contain this filler. True Bio-Availability CytoGREENS® has Cytozymes, a custom 8 enzyme high-potency blend that has as much as 40x the enzyme activity of leading greens supplements. Cytozymes helps break down the raw whole-food ingredients to help release nutrients for optimal digestion and bioavailability.* Filler-Free Ultra-Concentrated means you are getting Chlorophyll-Rich Green Superfoods like Spirulina, Cracked-Cell Chlorella and Ultra-Fine Premium Japanese Matcha Green Tea—No Fillers, No Colors, 100% Natural Flavor, 100% Natural Sweetener. Research Backed Best-of-Breed100% Natural and Tested key ingredients are backed by rigorous scientific studies to improve Energy Levels and Endurance.* 4,470 µmoITE ORAC in every serving! (50,225 µmoITE/100 g) 1.7 g of High-Lignan Fiber Per Serving!"