Arnicare Leg Cramps
Health Concerns Joint

Product size: 33 Tablets

Product brand: Boiron

UPC registration: 306969073902

Description - Arnicare Leg Cramps Health Concerns Joint

Arnicare Leg Cramps Homeopathic Medicine Leg Cramp Relief* Day & Night Cramps* Cramps & Stiffness From Muscular Overexertion* Non-Drowsy No Known Drug Interactions Non-Habit Forming Chewable Tablets Uses: Temporarily relieves day and night cramps and spasms in the calves, legs, thighs, and arms and cramps from muscular overexertion.* Active Ingredients** | Purpose* Arnica Montana 9C HPUS | Relieves muscle fatigue causing or caused by cramps Sacrolacticum Acidum 3C HPUS | Relieves pain and stiffness from muscular overexertion Zincum Oxydatum 3C | Relieve day and night muscle cramps"