Keto Broth
Diet Low Carb

Product size: 555 Grams

Product brand: Ancient Nutrition

UPC registration: 816401021014

Description - Keto Broth Diet Low Carb

Keto Broth Powered By Bone Broth Keto Activation Broth Paleo Friendly, Keto Friendly 11g Fat 12g Protein 2g Carbs Supports Mental Clarity, Concentration and Alertness* Boosts Metabolism and Supports Healthy Aging* Helps Enhance Sports Performance (Cardiovascular, Muscle Strength and Recovery)* Supports Healthy Adrenals, Cortisol Levels and Reduced Levels of Stress and Anxiety* Organic Coffee Fruit - Approximately 100 mg of Caffeine Adaptogenic Herbs Coconut MCTs Gluten, Dairy, Soy and Grain Free Non-GMO KetoBROTHâ„¢ provides the substrate to drive you into the fat burning zone! Perfect for the weekend warrior, busy executive, student, gamer or anyone looking to boost mind and muscle power.* KetoBROTH is a delicious shake providing a keto-friendly ratio of healthy fats and protein powered by bone broth combined with coconut MCTs plus organic, energizing, antioxidant and adaptogenic herbs. KetoBROTH is formulated to take your performance to the next level.*"