Doctors CarbRite Diet Bar
Diet Low Carb

Product size: 12 Bars

Product brand: Universal

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Description - Doctors CarbRite Diet Bar Diet Low Carb

Doctor's CarbRite Diet Bar For the Carb Conscious Way of Life 21g Protein 0g Sugar 1g Net Carbs Gluten Free Sugar Free 2 oz Bar For the Low Carb Way of Life Just because you're on a low carbohydrate diet, doesn't mean you have to lower your standards. With Doctor's CarbRite Diet Bars, you can have a bar you really enjoy, one that's full of flavor. The Doctor's CarbRite Diet Bar will satisfy even the most demanding sweet tooth. So if you are sick of low carb bars that taste like cardboard, we recommend the Doctor's CarbRite Diet Bar. No prescription needed! Aside from conventional carbs, there's another class of unconventional carbs called polyols or sugar alcohols. Not truly a carb, these nutrients are commonly found in sugar-free foods to impart sweetness and texture. Nutrients, such as maltitol and glycerine, do not cause a significant rise in insulin levels because the body has a hard time absorbing them. This is good because low carb dieting is all about controlling insulin, the hormone which triggers fat storage. Our products all have very low levels of net impact carbs and are therefore perfect for a low carb dieter like you. Carb Facts: 21g Total Carbs - 20g Fiber, Glycerine, Maltitol = 1g Net Impact Carbs For carb conscious dieters: This bar contains 1g of carbs (Net Impact Carbs) that should be counted towards your daily carbohydrate intake. Net Impact Carbs include only those carbs that cause a noted impact on blood sugar. Fiber and Sugar Alc (glycerine, lactitol and maltitol) are excluded."