Curica Turmeric Drops
Health Concerns Joint

Product size: 2 Fluid Ounces

Product brand: Nature's Way

UPC registration: 033674107669

Description - Curica Turmeric Drops Health Concerns Joint

Curica Turmeric Drops Pain Relief* Relieves Occasional Pain Due to Overexertion* Superior Absorption Bioavailable Curcumin Patented Technology Solubilized Maximized Bioavailability Optimized Effectiveness Alcohol Free Gluten Free How Curica Turmeric Drops Work Curica Turmeric Drops contain a unique, bioavailable curcumin complex that relieves occasional pain due to overexertion, strain or exercise.* Solubilized Drops for Rapid Action Curica Turmeric Drops are solubilized curcumin for maximum absorption and bioavailability superiority versus regular turmeric powders/extracts. Patented Technology Curica Turmeric Drops utilitze a patented colloidal dispersion technology that dramatically improves curcumin absorption and bioavailability. To start, turmeric extract is micronized into tiny particles. Next, turmeric extract is microencapsulated with plant starch. Turmeric extract is now easily dispersible in solution. Curcumin is now more absorbable and bioavailable. Vegetarian."