Syntha-6 Isolate
Diet Low Carb

Product size: 2.01 Pounds

Product brand: BSN

UPC registration: 834266066209

Description - Syntha-6 Isolate Diet Low Carb

Syntha-6 Isolate 100% Isolate Protein Matrix Whey & Casein Matrix (~80% Casein & ~20% Whey) 25g Protein — 100% From Isolate Sources Fast & Slow Digesting Isolate Matrix 11g Naturally Occurring Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) Naturally Occurring BCAAs EFAs & Fiber Blend (Inulin & Polydextrose) Same Great Syntha-6 Milkshake Taste and Texture Isolast™ Isolate Protein Matrix —Fast & Slow Release Proteins —Whey Protein Isolate —Milk Protein Isolate ( ~80% Casein & ~20% Whey) —Naturally Occurring BCAAs and other Essential and Non-Essential Amino Acids —EFAs & Fiber Blend (Inulin & Polydextrose) Designed for any individual who wants an ultra-premium protein powder to help them reach their nutritional and physique goals. The Next Evolution in Protein Isolates"