Diet Low Carb

Product size: 2 Pounds

Product brand: iForce Nutrition

UPC registration: 081950001392

Description - Isotean Diet Low Carb

Isotean Whey Protein Isolate 30g Protein 7.5g BCAAs Fast Digesting Fast-Acting Protein If you're looking for high quality whey protein, look no further than Isotean™! Comprised of the highest quality whey protein isolate sources available, Isotean enables you to take in high amounts of protein while keeping your carbohydrate and fat intake low. This creates an environment that helps facilitate building lean muscle while reducing overall bodyweight.* Isotean is unique in that it offers the most quickly digesting protein sources known to man. This means you can flood your body with high levels of muscle-building amino acids in less time than ever before.* Isotean is perfect right when you wake up, before and after workouts, or any time high levels of protein are needed.*"