Super Premium Whey Protein+
Diet Low Carb

Product size: 1.82 Pounds

Product brand: MHP

UPC registration: 666222096612

Description - Super Premium Whey Protein+ Diet Low Carb

Super Premium Whey Protein + Hydrolyzed Fueled Protein 100% of the Protein From Whey 25g Protein 5.6 BCAAs 11.9g EAAs 4.3g Glutamine & Precursors Hydrolyzed Fueled Protein Matrix* --12g Hydrolyzed Whey Protein --8g Whey Protein Isolate --5g Whey Protein Concentrate =25g Total Protein Reach Your Maximum Human Performance Reach your MHP with our exclusive Premium Series. Every product label tells you exactly what's in the bottle, so you know you're getting science-driven sports performance in every serving.* Super Premium Whey Protein+ is an ultra premium formula is driven by a superior absorbing hydrolyzed whey protein and anti-catabolic branched-chain keto acids (BCKAs). BCKAs help to reduce protein breakdown, and spare anabolic branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) inside of muscle for greater growth and recovery. This scientifically designed and highly advanced formula helps support lean muscle mass, increases strength and speeds recovery so you can reach your fitness goals.* Packed with 25g of protein, 5.6g of BCAAs, 4.3g of Glutamine and Glutamic Acid, and 200mg of BCKAs. Super Premium Whey Protein+ allows you to maximize your workout each and every time. It's the perfect protein combination for athletes, fitness enthusiasts or those trying to lose or maintain weight to accommodate their active, healthy lifestyle.* In addition to providing a superior protein formula, we have developed a unique flavoring system that delivers a rich and creamy protein shake with milkshake like consistency that will keep you coming back for more!* --Rapid Absorption --Source Primarily From Hydrolyzed Whey --Supports Strength & Muscle Mass* --Speeds Recovery* --Anti-Catabolic BCKAs* --Informed Choice Certified"