Brain Elevate
Health Concerns Brain / Memory

Product size: 60 Capsules

Product brand: Now Foods

UPC registration: 733739033031

Description - Brain Elevate Health Concerns Brain / Memory

Brain Elevate™ Cognitive Function* With Ginkgo Biloba, RoseOx® and Phosphatidyl Serine Free Radical Scavengers & Neuronal Nutrients* Non-GMO NOW Brain Elevate™ is scientifically formulated to support healthy cerebral functions.* Brain Elevate™ features Ginkgo Biloba and RoseOx®, two plant extracts known for their free radical scavenging properties.* This product is also formulated with Phosphatidyl Serine, L-Glutamine and Choline as critical brain nutrients promote optimal results.* Vegetarian/Vegan Product. Vegetarian Capsule."