IsoNatural Whey Protein Isolate
Diet Low Carb

Product size: 2 Pounds

Product brand: Allmax Nutrition

UPC registration: 665553223223

Description - IsoNatural Whey Protein Isolate Diet Low Carb

IsoNatural Whey Protein Isolate Whey Protein Isolate With Prebiotics 27g Protein 1g Sugars 110 Calories Free of Banned Substances Sweetened with Pure Stevia Extract No Artificial Flavors, Colors or Dyes Gluten-Free & Soy-Free Truly Superior Pure, Natural & Delicious Protein ISONatural™ Giving you the purity and goodness of 100% pure Whey Protein Isolate with the delicious taste of pure natural sweetening and flavoring. You wouldn't settle for less, and we wouldn't have it any other way! ISONatural™ Contains 27g of pure protein in every scoop with all of the native protein structures intact. ISONatural is the natural and wholesome way to increase protein in your diet. ISONatural is formulated with natural Prebiotics that have been shown to improve healthy intestinal microflora.* ISONatural™ Mixes quickly and easily making it a delicious, convenient and simple way to add high-quality Whey Protein Isolate to your diet. ISONatural contains 0g of fat and 1g sugar per serving and is 99% lactose-free. Because ISONatural is a whey protein, it contains no Casein protein. People who have sentivities to milk are often fine with ISONatural because many dairy sensitivities come from the Casein component of the milk. ISONatural is also 100% free of artificial colors and dyes.* ISONatural™ Combines the ultimate in pure Whey Protein Isolate derived from wholesome milk with all-natural flavors and plant-based Stevia to add a delicious hint of sweetness. HRI Filtration Technology Hybrid Ratio Isolate Ion-Filtration Technology ISONatural™ employs a unique protein extraction technology called HRI. A hybrid of two isolate purification technologies incorporated at a specific ratio to produce a truly superior ultra-pure whey protein isolate. Cutting-edge Hybrid-Ratio Ion-Filtration (HRI) technology allows ISONatural to retain an exceptionally high protein yield while maintaining bioactive whey fractions. ISONatural contains absolutely no whey concentrate. Concentrates have higher levels of fat and sugars wtih a lower percentage of protein and lower bioavailablity than isolates. Pure, Natural and Intact Whey Protein Isolate Fractions: 57.0% Beta-Lactoglobulin 21.0 % Alpha-Lactalbumin 15.0% Glycomacropeptide 4.8% Bi-Peptides & Tri-Peptides 2.5% Immunoglobulin 1.4% Bovine Serum Albumin 0.1% Lactoferrin Science - Innovation - Quality - Results"