Anabolic Amino 10,000
Protein Amino Acids

Product size: 180 Tablets

Product brand: Healthy 'N Fit

UPC registration: 799750000056

Description - Anabolic Amino 10,000 Protein Amino Acids

Anabolic Amino 10,000 Nutritionally Supports Increased Muscle Mass and Strength* Top Selling Amino Acids Product In Many Countries Worldwide Advanced Dietary Supplement Produced Exclusively In the USA Amino Acids are the building blocks of muscle tissue. Each serving of ANABOLIC AMINO 10,000™ contains 10,000 mgs of the highest quality peptide bond and free-form amino acids derived from whey hydrolysate and an enzymatic digest of egg albumen, both considered to be two of the highest quality and most effective amino acid sources on the planet. These amino acids are in their L- configuration and their correct proportion so they can be quickly and efficiently absorbed and transported to muscle tissue. ANABOLIC AMINO 10,000 provides your body with the amino acids necessary to increase muscle mass and strength, to prevent muscle breakdown, and to promote muscle protein synthesis, anabolic activity, and PNB (positive nitrogen balance) - when used in conjunction with intense exercise. IMPORTANT - Many other amino products are really just protein tablets with little or no actual amino acid content. Some other products even contain lower quality gelatin or soy protein. ANABOLIC AMINO 10,000 is a true amino acids product and is higher in potency than most competing brands. It contains only naturally occurring amino acids, we add no additional amino acids from synthetic sources."