Amino1 Hydrate + Recover
Protein Amino Acids

Product size: 432 Grams

Product brand: MusclePharm

UPC registration: 653341046413

Description - Amino1 Hydrate + Recover Protein Amino Acids

Amino1 Hydrate + Recover Sport Series Clinically Proven Ingredients to Enhance Performance and Recovery* 10g Amino Acids 3g BCAAs Features High-Quality 3:1:2 Ratio of BCAAs* Scientifically Advanced Hydration System With Coconut Water* Promotes Recovery and Muscle Building* Increases Endurance & Power Output* Hydration - Recovery - Performance* No Artificial Dyes No Proprietary Blends All-In-One Hydration & Recovery* Specifically formulated for athletes of all types, Amino 1 is a quick absorbing formula that features proven, scientifically-backed ingredients for supporting lean body mass, superior hydration, and expedient muscle recovery. With a cohesive blend of electrolytes and amino acids, Amino 1 helps athletes push past muscle soreness!* We Live It. We Prove It. Our Researchers and Physicians Have Performed Over 20 Clinical, University & Independent Studies 22 Million Finished Products Certified as Banned-Substance Tested by Informed-Choice Above-and-Beyond Industry Standards"