Celsius Packets
Protein RTDs (Ready to Drink)

Product size: 14 Packets

Product brand: Celsius

UPC registration: 889392080056

Description - Celsius Packets Protein RTDs (Ready to Drink)

Celsius Packets Clinically Proven Dietary Supplement Healthy Energy* Accelerates Metabolism* Burns Body Fat* Contains 200 mg Total Caffeine Per Serving No Sugar No Preservatives No High Fructose Corn Syrup No Aspartame No Artificial Colors or Flavors 7 Essential Vitamins Proven in 6 Published University Studies Just Add Water — 1 Packet = 1 Can In 2005, vitamin industry entrepreneurs created Celsius. How Does It Work? Celsius' proprietary MetaPlus® formula including green tea with EGCG, ginger and guarana seed turns on thermogenesis, a process that boosts your body's metabolic rate.*^ Drinking Celsius® prior to fitness activities is proven to energize, accelerate metabolism, burn body fat and calories.*^ Invest in yourself, drink Celsius® Live Fit."