Rhodiola 500 mg
Health Concerns Lung

Product size: 60 Capsules

Product brand: Now Foods

UPC registration: 733739047540

Description - Rhodiola 500 mg Health Concerns Lung

Rhodiola 500 mg 3% Standardized Extract Adaptogenic Herb* Helps Body to Adapt to Stress of Daily Life* Non-GMO Rhodiola (Rhodiola Rosea) is indigenous to the Arctic and Alpine regions of Europe, Asia and America and has long been used as a tonic by many cultures, including the Ancient Greeks. Rhodiola is generally known as an adaptogen, a term which refers to any agent possessing the ability to support the body's natural capacity to adapt to life's changing conditions.* NOW® Rhodiola is standardized to 3% total rosavins and 1% salidroside. Vegetarian/Vegan."