Bone Solid
Health Concerns Women's Health

Product size: 240 Capsules

Product brand: Country Life (Biochem)

UPC registration: 015794050445

Description - Bone Solid Health Concerns Women's Health

Bone Solid Triple Action With Boron, MCHA and Vitamin K With Patented FruiteX-B Clinically Studied MCHA and Vitamin K Clinically Shown to: 1. Increase Mineral Utilization* 2. Strengthen Bones* 3. Support Bone Metabolism* Did you know that bone loss begins for many of us at age 30? Whether you are a man or woman, you will begin to lose bone density year after year. An important step is to regularly replenish and increase your body's intake of calcium as well as vitamins K1, K2 and D3. Introducing Bone Solid, a specially formulated product that contains a unique natural form of calcium, as well as other minerals that your body recognizes as similar to its own natural bone composition.* Through Bone Solid's Triple Action, your body's calcium will be better replenished and increased:* The calcium contained in Bone Solid is micro-crystalline hydroxyapatite (MCHA), a form of calcium that is closest to the body's own natural bone composition.* The structure of MCHA is that of calcium phosphate, and 90% of the body's calcium is stored in the bones in this form.* To aid in bone formation, vitamins K1, K2 and D3 are added in generous amounts.* A clinical study among post-menopausal women over a 3-year period showed that these vitamins played a proper role in bone metabolism.* Bone Solid also contains FruiteX-B, which contains a patented form of boron. Boron may help to support bone health. Bone Solid's Triple Action: 1. Increased mineral utilization: Microcrystalline hydroxyapatite (MCHA) is identical to the body's natural bone composition.* 2. Strengthens bones: This powerful formula of MCHA combined with nutrients such as vitamins K1, K2 and D3 builds and protects bones.* 3. Supports bone metabolism:* Bone is regenerated by the body and goes through a metabolic process. The inclusion of nutrients such as vitamins K1, K2 and D3, aids in this process for better bone support.*"