Tri Boron Plus
Health Concerns Women's Health

Product size: 240 Capsules

Product brand: Twinlab

UPC registration: 027434002813

Description - Tri Boron Plus Health Concerns Women's Health

Tri-Boron Plus Plus Magnesium, Vitamin D and Co-Factors Chelated Boron With Calcium Tri-Boron Plus is a combination of three natural, highly utilizable chelated sources of the trace mineral boron. Studies indicate that boron improves calcium metabolism and utilization.* Tri-Boron Plus capsules synergistically combine the trace mineral boron with calcium, magnesium and vitamin D plus trace minerals zinc, manganese and copper which are integral co-factors for several enzymes involved in bone metabolism.* Tri-Boron Plus capsules are easier to swallow and assimilate. A University of Maryland study published in American Pharmacy has concluded that many brands of calcium tablets dissolve so slowly that they pass from the stomach before they can take effect. Tri-Boron Plus capsules disintegrate and break down quickly in the stomach. Tri-Boron Plus contains no added salt (sodium), artificial colors, or preservatives."