CreaFit Creatine Transport
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Product size: 4 Pounds

Product brand: Fitness Labs

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Description - CreaFit Creatine Transport Buyer's Guides Best Muscle Building Products

CreaFit Creatine Transport With Creapure® German Creatine Enhanced Creatine Uptake Formula Boost Strength and Power* 5g Creatine 2g L-Glutamine 1g Taurine 1g Phosphates 32g Carbs Instant Mixing No Artificial Sweeteners No Artificial Flavors No Synthetic Colors Creapure® German Creatine May Promote Gains in: Strength* Power* Muscle Size* Lean Muscle* CreaFit® Creatine Transport is Ideal For Athletes This advanced creatine transport formula is designed to enhance the uptake of creatine by muscle tissue to promote gains in strength, power and muscle size when combined with strength training.* CreaFit® combines high quality Creapure® German Creatine® monohydrate with dextrose — a high glycemic carbohydrate. Dextrose may help the body trigger the release of the anabolic hormone insulin, which may help drive creatine, amino acids (protein) and carbohydrates into muscle cells.* Save yourself the hassle of mixing straight creatine with juice by using this premixed formula. The drawback to juice is that its fructose content makes it a much lower glycemic carb than dextrose, so it doesn't trigger the body's release of insulin as well. CreaFit® also provides a precise blend of glutamine, taurine and phosphates, providing your body with important co-factors to work together with creatine. Phosphates provide the substrate your body needs when it converts creatine into its active form, creatine phosphate.* Creatine monohydrate has been shown to significantly increase muscular performance.* In the body, creatine helps to regenerate ADP (spent energy) back into ATP for increased energy output involving short, intense bursts of energy.* Take your strength, power and muscle size to the next level with CreaFit®.*"