Muscle Martini Natural
Bodybuilding Energy

Product size: 345 Grams

Product brand: GAT Sport

UPC registration: 859613000101

Description - Muscle Martini Natural Bodybuilding Energy

Muscle Martini Natural High Performance Amino Acids 8.7g Aminos 0g Sugar Maximize Lean Body Mass* Muscle Building BCAAs Optimize Muscle Recovery* Maximize Lean Body Mass Muscle Gains* Drink Pre, Post and Intra-Workout No Artificial Flavors, Colors or Sweeeteners Stimulant Free Non GMO, Gluten Free The Ultimate Amino Muscle Fuel Muscle Martini Natural supports lean muscle mass for post-workout recovery. Delivered in a cleaner more natural form; free of artificial colors, sweeteners and flavors. Research has proven amino acids support general health nutrition and recovery for strength training and athletes in every sport.*"