BCAA Power
Bodybuilding Energy

Product size: 417 Grams

Product brand: Labrada

UPC registration: 710779100602

Description - BCAA Power Bodybuilding Energy

BCAA Power Fermented BCAA Formula 7g BCAAs 3g Glutamine 1g Electrolytes BCAA Power BCAA Power contains amino acids made only by a natural fermentation process. This means you get maximum purity without the use of any harsh chemical solvents. 7 Grams of Fermented, Pure Branched Chain Amino Acids providing high levels of leucine to stimulate protein synthesis and insulin for post-workout muscle growth.* 3 Grams of Fermented, Pure L-Glutamine to help protect muscle tissue from breakdown and improve recovery.* Coconut Water Concentrate to help replace electrolytes lost from sweating and improve hydration.* Clean, Refreshing Taste - Delicious! Vegan Friendly"